Collaborate, Belong, Thrive


We are running to join the SOMSD Board of Education at a time when our society is experiencing crises along with upheaval and opportunity for change. As a school district, our primary task right now is to model a community that differs, in essential ways, from the excessive individualism and bigotry of our larger society, while continuing its best traditions of innovation and cooperation. 

The BOE does only one part of the District’s work, but it’s an important part: providing leadership via policy and setting the tone for the District. The Board is the only supervisor of the superintendent and the superintendent is the Board’s only employee. As BOE members, we will work with the superintendent collaboratively. We will constructively provide critical feedback that represents valid parent and community concerns. Another important role for the BOE is state-level advocacy for SOMSD. We embrace this part of the role; we look forward to teaming up with Dr. Taylor and the rest of the Board to advocate for our community’s children. 

Our children need to know that we adults, who are collectively educating them, value them all fully and equally. When our children are secure in the knowledge that they and their neighbors are all on equal footing, they can fulfill their endless potential. To create a culture of belonging, we adults need to collaborate with one another with mutual respect and care. Our collective task is to nourish our children physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Nourished in all of these ways, our children can thrive.


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